Dental patient getting cavity filled. Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavity.
Judging by her twitter account, TV personality, Kelly Osbourne, is deadly afraid of dental fillings or any other dental treatment. Each time she tweets about her fears, the response from followers who can relate is overwhelming. That’s no surprise. It’s estimated that 36% of Americans have a phobia of dentists

Close-up of a smile with yellow teeth.
The problem of transforming yellow teeth into pearly whites has likely plagued humanity since our earliest civilizations. With their limited knowledge of the reasons for yellow teeth, our ancestors used treatments ranging from stale urine to ground-up animal parts to whiten their teeth. Fortunately, we now know more about what

Teeth Whitening
Tooth with an untreated cavity.
When was the last time you had your teeth checked?  You might think regular dental check-ups are unnecessary. After all, your teeth feel fine. However, tooth decay is a slow process that might occur for years before you have symptoms, subtly weakening your teeth and eventually causing severe damage. Cavities


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