Price Transparency: That’s the O2 way!


Regular Cost
With Special Offer
O2 Advantage Plan Cost
*NEW PATIENT (ADULTS) Exam, Cleaning & X Rays
Exam & X Rays
Dental Filling
Starting at $182
Starting at $136
Dental Crown
Root Canal
Starting at $827
Starting at $620
Porcelain Veneers
Starting at $1,087 per tooth
Starting at $815 per tooth
ZOOM Whitening $798 $499 $279

*Qualifying patients only ages 13+. For new and non-insured patients only. Not valid with the presence of gum disease. Limited time offer.
Qualification is determined after exam and x-rays and does not apply to patients with periodontal or gum disease. Patients that do not qualify will
pay $69 for exam and x-rays.

Released: 10/23/22

Disclaimer: This is a pricing guide only. We cannot give an official estimate or diagnose needed treatment until you are evaluated by a dentist and the dentist has determined that you are a candidate for the procedure. This guide does not take into account any additional procedure that may be needed in conjunction with the procedure you are considering. For a more accurate treatment plan estimate, please schedule an appointment in our office.

This guide does not take into account any dental insurance discounts or co-pays.

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